Exploring The World Of Memory Foam Mattresses

The mattress market has changed drastically over the last few years. The most common way to purchase a mattress used to be going to a furniture store with a mattress department or a dedicated mattress store and trying out a few mattresses and then ordering one to be delivered. The delivery people would set up the mattress in the bedroom. Then, the customer would make the new bed with sheets and blankets and be ready to use it that night. Now there are a growing number of mattress companies manufacturing memory foam mattresses and selling them directly to customers online.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam is an improved foam product that can be manufactured in different layers and formulas to build a memory foam mattress that needs no inner springs and can be used on a platform bed frame, a slatted bed frame, or even directly on the floor. All foams are not equal, and the prices vary by hundreds of dollars for similar products. These mattresses are sold direct to the consumer on the internet, eliminating the retail outlets and their markups.

The consumer does not get to try the mattresses out before ordering. They take a week or two to arrive, and the customer must haul them into the house and bedroom. They come compressed into rolls or boxes and must be carefully unpacked. Then, the customer can watch in amazement as they expand to their final size. Almost all of these mattresses have some chemical odor when they are first unpacked. They need to be allowed several hours to a day to off-gas.

Help In Choosing The Best Mattress

It is wise to check out the online mattress rating and guide sites such as Ted & Stacy’s Mattress Guides for assistance. One of the mattresses reviewed with high marks on this site is Tomorrow Sleep Memory Foam Mattress. This 10-inch thick memory foam mattress gets high marks in all categories including price, motion isolation, cool sleeping, comfort, warranty, and lifespan. This company has a 365 night trial period and a 10-year wear warranty. This takes the risk out of ordering the mattress without testing it first. It has a medium firmness.

This Tomorrow mattress is backed by the major mattress company Serta Simmons Bedding. It comes in six sizes and can be used on either solid or slatted platform beds, a box spring, or even the floor. For additional information, click here now.